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Water color paints

Art and Play

by Carly P

Last November a small group of us started meeting at the Arts Centre once a week. We are still with it and now going strong. It’s me  and a group of five awesome kids! It's been great to see the kids get to know each other and feel more confident and comfortable in the space. 

Over the past few months, we have sculpted with clay and waxed yarn, created octopus and mushrooms out of cardboard, made leaf prints and mandalas out of forest materials, painted and decorated a big eucalyptus branch together, and created many paintings using various tools, applying the paint with everything from toy cars to natural paint brushes. We've also enjoyed going wild on the playground and cozying up for story time by the fire.

I want to give a big thank you to the Arts Centre for embracing the odd stray hotwheel or piece of lego, along with other forgotten items, and perhaps one or two left-over fort-structures in the space. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. Thanks also to Gretje who generously gave us a bunch of awesome art supplies including washable tempera paints! Richard Bauer kindly left us some plywood to paint on that he will assemble into one of the new art centre chairs. Thank you! <3 

With the weather becoming warmer we will move our play group to a new location. We will spend our time together outside doing forest things. We'll wrap up at the end of June, and perhaps start again in the fall, returning to the Arts Centre in the winter months. So far, it's been a nice way to meet up for some social time (for kids in their pre-school years) and a good growth experience for me. The kids teach me so much and are so loving. I am also seeing how art for kids promotes confidence, problem solving, emotional expression, tactile agility, and creativity in all things! - Carly P.

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