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Cultural Burning – May 19

by Dana Lepofsky

Chief Mark Recalma, Willie Pierre, Bill White, and Kim Recalma-Clutesi will be hosting another cultural burning ceremony for the Xwe’etay ancestors, at Dolf and Suzanne’s on Millicheap Road, followed by a feast at the Hall.  Many will remember last year’s event as a profound gift.


As last year, we will be inviting people from the neighbouring First Nations communities. This year’s “table” will be smaller, but also meaningful. Instead of gifting blankets to the cultural workers, we’d like to gift baskets of Xwe’etay produce (eggs, squash, greens, nuts, etc.).


Visit to learn more about this Coast Salish ritual. Details to follow in the email list and FB. 


Contact Dana if you’d like to help in any way.

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