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April 2024 AGM report from Peter Lironi: Representative on the French Creek Harbour Board of Directors

 I've been on the board for a year now and have seen a substantial number of changes. Previous long-term manager Julie Blood has been replaced by Steve Donegan who has extensive background in marine matters. He lives nearby, has good instincts in dealing with day-to-day business, and faithfully represents the policies of the board. John Millicheap is the new president; and the rest of the board represents a good cross section of the users of French Creek. The parking rate ($407) has remained the same as last year as our operating expenses remain static.


The fuel tanks at French Creek Seafood have passed their “safe to use date”, and their replacement cost is quoted at $271,000. This cost, plus liability insurance makes it an unattractive business venture. In the past, Small Craft Harbours have assisted in old tank removal, permits and other costs.


An increase in operating costs, new environmental regulations, building codes, permits, engineering reports and drawings, consultation with local indigenous governments, as well as approval from Transport Canada, etc, makes it difficult to have fuel at all in French Creek. There are various consultations going on: I will keep you informed.


The board will probably be asking for some public support along the line as this will affect the Ferry, Coast Guard, commercial fishing, as well as ourselves – the general public. We don't want to see a sea of fuel containers in French Creek.


Toilets in French Creek have become increasingly challenging to maintain as there have been deliberately damaged toilet seats, feces horizontal and vertical, and unfurled? and/or stolen toilet paper. We have decided to put the toilets on cardlock between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, as that is when most  brownouts occur. 


If you have any other questions or comments, call me: 250-927-0642 - Peter Lironi


p.s. In regards to time spent and numbers, Lasqueti Islanders continue to be the biggest users of French Creek Harbour.

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