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Field Picnic Friday


Beginning Friday, June 14th from 1pm to 3pm we will be welcoming people to our stand and field at the corner of Lennie and Main Road for lunches! We will be selling sandwiches, pastries, and cold drinks and coffee, on the corner and inviting folks to picnic in our field. There will be an origami table, hosted by our son Rune.


We will be hosting this each Friday through the summer unless otherwise noted on the mail list. 


We would like to express our immense gratitude for everyone who stops by our little stand. And, if you don’t know, we are a home-based organic sourdough bakery that sells its wares in a roadside stand at Lennie and Main Road. We mill organic red fife and rye grain every week to bake with and use high quality organic unbleached white flour.

We use an extended traditional fermentation to make the bread delicious, nutritious and highly digestible. We are inspired by the seasons to provide interesting flavours and are attentive to using the highest quality ingredients that we can. We offer savoury options as well as sweets, and we love to make cakes for special occasions. We also cater small events and workshops!

If you’d like to make a special order, give us a call at 250 607-1619 or email us at

-Community Sourdough, Gabriel and Violet

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