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The Hall Building Committee 

During 2023 many improvements, outside and inside, were completed so that we now have a more welcoming building.   There was also fundraising for the kitchen renovations. This is the current focus of the Hall Building Committee.

We now have a budget and a shopping list. Members of the HBC along with great community volunteers have sourced a triple basin commercial sink, cabinets, rolling bus carts and a baker’s rack. Jenny V has been delegated to choose the new flooring.

All of us have are energized after winter’s hibernation and ready to rejuvenate the kitchen. We will be looking for volunteers as this project continues.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed during 2023, with labour, money, or materials.

- LCA Hall Building Committee members:  Bruce Grant, Aigul Kukolj, Jodi Ayers, Jenny Vester, Mark Bottomley, Daniel Jacobs, and Melinda Auerbach.

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