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Lasqueti Community Association

News & Updates

The next round of Community Hall improvements are on the way. We’ll begin with the kitchen. A new triple stainless steel sink, cupboards and flooring will (hopefully) be installed in the next couple of months. The LCA has some money to get the project going but we could always use more. The propane stove needs to be replaced and the fan above it could finally become functional!

If you want to contribute to the upgrades, contact Lisa Johnson can give you a tax receipt for donations over $50. 

Fundraising events for kitchen improvements are being loosely planned. The 2nd Annual Talent Show will be sometime in August and an Oktoberfest in October. Details to come. 

In the meantime, please come to The LCA AGM on Saturday June 8 at 1pm to find out how you can support or join a committee. -JennyV  on behalf of the Hall Building Committee

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