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Image by Manuel Schinner

Mother’s Day Plant Sale

by Marie-Ange

We are back in business this year with a new Mother’s Day Plant Sale! Come and join us for vegetable and flower starts, as well as some perennial plants.

When?  Sunday, May 12th 2024, 11:00 - 14:00
Where? Three locations!

  • Jenny Vester, “V-Star Varieties” on Gline and Fletcher (follow the flowers down the trail). Please don’t bring dogs or small children as she has a rescue dog that reacts to high pitched voices/unpredictable little people - he likes adults! 

  • Marie-Ange Fall, “Old Mossy Haven” on Tucker Bay Rd.  If you bring a dog, please keep it on a leash as we have sheep and an old, slow cat.

  • Katrina Jean and Kristos Seed from “Lifetimez Nursery” will join the plant sale this year. Main Rd., at the top of Pete's lake hill, 2nd driveway on the right after Oben Rd. (going south-east).


Please bring your own boxes or trays to take your babies home. Looking forward to seeing and meeting you! - Marie-Ange

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