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Image by Markus Spiske

Playground Committee Proposal

by Laila Fricker

As a mom, I have become increasingly aware that playgrounds are an integral part of childhood development, providing children with a space to socialize, exercise, and engage in imaginative play. The benefits of playgrounds for children are numerous and far-reaching. With the growing number of families on Lasqueti Island, I feel it is important for our community to prioritize their construction and maintenance.


To that end, I’m seeking to establish a public playground and disc golf course, accessible during school hours. I have been in contact with BC parks and the qathet Regional District and believe this is an achievable project that would enrich our community. Ian Rusconi has kindly offered to help apply for grants to support this proposal. The backing of the community and of a non-profit would be very beneficial to our prospects with grants, and bureaucratic requirements. I’d like to make a motion that the LCA form a subcommittee to assist the pursuit of public recreation infrastructure.

Thank you for your consideration.

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