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Welcome Mural Update

by Willy Clark

Mayne Island has just unveiled their beautiful new welcome pole and triptych mural honouring the deep history of the island. They called it, “Walking Forward With The Past”. It was startlingly co-incidental and resonant with the efforts for the new mural/carving that is in progress for  the False Bay dock.

Jesse Recalma (Coast Salish carver, Qualicum First Nation), Julia Woldmo, and Sophia Rosenberg (local artists) have now moved from the initial design stage to the painting and carving stage. Their artistic collaboration is grounded in the research from the XLAP project and supported by the Lasqueti Community Arts Council and the Lasqueti Reconciliation Group.


Send comments, questions, or support for the project, to Willy
– Willy Clark, Lasqueti Reconciliation Group

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