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Art's Council Update

Cities have poet laureates, why shouldn’t we? For 2024, Sophia Rosenberg will take on the role of writing poetry for the events and happenings on our little isle and generally adding more poetry to our lives.


Talk about Arts Fest happens early in the year. It’s a massive undertaking for the sitting executive. Last year there was serious burnout after the event and we were left wondering how to create space for ongoing community fun without taxing the core volunteers? We don’t know but we’re going to find out. If you love the Arts Festival and you have energy to give to make it unfold, we need you! If we find there isn’t enough community help there will be no Arts Festival this year as we have known it. Please let us know at if you want to volunteer, or be prepared for a different kind of celebration of the Lasqueti Arts. 


To rent the gallery and/or studio of the Arts Center, contact Valeria, The online calendar is up at so you can check availability. 


On behalf of Jennifer B, Julia W, JennyV and Faren W


Leap! A Small Festival of Fine Hearts, and launch for the 2023 Arts Fest Anthology. 7pm, Arts Centre.


Artists: contact Valeria to display your work.

Writers: draw a number from the hat for a 7-minute spot.

Be in touch if you have something for this show. Valeria 250 240 0866 or email

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