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Meet the Neighbors

by Alison Cromie & Shen, up Lake Road.

What’s your Lasqueti story? 

Our Lasqueti story begins at the tenderloin age of 18, when we fell in love in high school. After a heavy-hormonal-accidental-adolescent breakup, we did life apart for18 years.

During this time Shen found Lasqueti, and Alison found Shen’s Dad’s copy of the Tao Te Ching he lent her (“The Way” Ω) back in Philosophy class, which led her to find Shen. Upon reuniting, we realized we were both deeply allied and involved with cacao, Alison holding cacao ceremonies, and Shen being a chocolate maker for over a decade, searching for the most pristine growing conditions and heirloom genetics in the world.


Ah, chocolate . . . Is it an aphrodisiac? Well, yes. Can you add herbs to enhance your bodies rhythms? Well, yes. Is it fun to make and eat? Almost all the time. Do you need power to make chocolate? Yes, just enough. It is food as medicine, heart opening, juice for neurotransmission, and a vehicle for adaptogenic tonic herbs of the highest source. If you ever want to talk chocolate, ask Shen.


Now back to our ”Lasqueti story”. Our coming together and to Lasqueti took a few years (doesn’t it always?) After a year, we love it here. Learning the seasons and cycles, planting, growing, harvesting, and dreaming our way through our first full year has been a steep learning curve that we hope gets steeper, because it’s the most enjoyable curve we’ve known. We may not be ahead of it, and we’re not entirely sure where it is at this point, but we are with the Tao. Nonetheless we’re thankful for everyone we have encountered along the way.


If you had a magic wand, what is one thing you would change on Lasqueti? Make the Island (and all surrounding ocean and land mass - without distinction of national borders) a NO FLY ZONE, save emergency aerial crafts. This would of course stop pollution of our airspace, prevent changes in pH in our water and soil, and reverse progress in the robot army of commercialization. 

What would you never want to change? The answer is 42. (For those unfamiliar with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: not a thing.)

(note from Suzanne: the chocolate is amazing)

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