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Image by Marc Szeglat

Qathet Regional Emergency Preparedness Program

Join us for an Emergency Evacuation Supply Container Workshop on Lasqueti Island!

Are you prepared for the unexpected challenges of island living? Our workshop, designed for community members, organizations, and first responders, is a must-attend event!



Knowledge is Power: Acquire practical information on the use of the evacuation supply container.


Hands-On Experience: Engage in interactive demonstrations to enhance your household emergency preparation.


Community Resilience: Strengthen our Island community by fostering a culture of preparedness and mutual support during crises.


Regional Emergency Preparedness Program: Learn about our program, uniting communities in preparing for emergencies.


Lunch Provided: False Bay Provisions-catered lunch for registered participants.


When: Saturday, April 6, 2024

Time: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm;

Where: Lasqueti Community Hall

Register: Contact the qRD Evacuation Planning Assistant at or call (250) 267-8621


Come together to ensure the safety of our Island community. Your attendance makes a difference! Get Ready, Stay Ready – see you there!

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