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Tim Peterson

Islands Trustee

At our March 4 meeting, we considered the application for an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw for the private dock in Scottie Bay. A motion was passed to request that the applicant work with staff to provide information on how land and water access to the dock would be legally secured in perpetuity for emergency services, prior to the Local Trust Committee considering first reading of draft bylaws, so that we can fully understand the implications of this offer by the applicants. 


Discussion in the town hall section included the desire by some members of the public to amend the policies for docks in the OCP and LUB. I expect we will have more discussion at our next meeting as to how we might consider having a public meeting concerning this wider issue. It is not clear to the Local Trust Committee that there is broad consensus that this is a change the community desires. An open discussion could help to clarify the issue. We also requested a referral to the Advisory Planning Commission to consider private docks and their use. 


We also made a number of amendments to the current version of the draft OCP, to reflect some of the work done in the previous term. These will be included in the updated draft, likely for our May meeting. As well, we requested staff to schedule a screening of Dust n’ Bones and inquire about the feasibility of working with local First Nations to host a discussion on the film. Dust n’ Bones is a documentary that examines the legal issues, political controversies, and historic mysteries that threaten the preservation and rededication of First Nations artifacts, burial sites, and remains.


As Mikaila mentioned, we will be holding our first meeting with Snaw-naw-as in April, which marks the start of the new relationship between the LTC and the Nation. 


Trust Council in March was focused on budget deliberations over the three-day session. The final decisions result in 5.9% increase to local trust areas, including Lasqueti, and a 13.1% increase to Bowen Island Municipality. I have requested an easier-to-read tax notice, but staff have advised that this is challenging due to the seven different regional districts across the Islands Trust Area.


Our next regular business meeting is scheduled for May 6 at the JFC. In the meantime, feel free to contact your trustees with your questions, comments, or concerns: 250-607-7094. To contact the whole committee and staff, email

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