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Tim Peterson

Islands Trustee

Greetings all. At the June Trust Council meeting, the Islands celebrated its 50th anniversary, complete with a message from Minister Kang, a group of protesters advocating for the preserve and protect mandate, and a song from Bill Henderson. We heard presentations from Ryan Greville of Transport Canada on the Wrecked and Abandoned Vessels program, and from MLA Adam Olsen (Saanich North and the Islands) on inclusive governance. Trustees sponsored resolutions on topics ranging from ex-official status on committees, governance structure, and Integrated Spatial Planning, to the Dark Sky Principles. Trust Council appointed my colleague Trustee Lironi to the Transport Canada General Vessels Technical Working Group by a unanimous vote. Congratulations Mikaila!


We have been informed that the Connected Coast fibre optic cable requires a rezoning, as our Land Use Bylaw does not permit utilities in the marine or foreshore areas. We anticipate an application from City West to permit this specific use soon, perhaps as soon as our July 15th meeting. Connected Coast has expressed the need for decisions to be made within the next couple of months. This timeline conflicts with the regular rezoning process, and staff have advised that expediting the application will require substantive reallocation of resources. 


Please attend the meeting if you can, as an engaged community helps us make better decisions. And, as always, please contact your trustees with your questions, comments, or concerns. 250-607-7094.


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