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At last month’s AGM, LINC announced the acquisition of Marine Island by the British Columbia Parks Foundation. BCPF is a non-profit, private foundation dedicated to conserving land for the future of British Columbia. On behalf of the BCPF, LINC will develop a management plan for Marine island which will serve both the Lasqueti community’s interests and the Foundation’s conservation goals. LINC will bring its local knowledge and experience to the project.  This is similar to our role with the Point Young property, also owned by BCPF, where we act “on the ground” to monitor and implement stewardship actions such as removing invasive plants.

We are interested in what the community, perhaps especially those most affected by what occurs on Marine Island, see as important considerations as we embark on this management plan. We will soon be seeking your input for how we can best conserve this wonderful property for all of us now and for the islanders of the future. Marine Island is very interesting ecologically, with its unusual forest character and its geologically varied shoreline.  With the permission of BCPF, the Xwe’etay/Lasqueti Archaeology project plans to get a radiocarbon date from the archaeological site we saw on the island.


LINC is proud of the publication of a new book by one of our founding members, Sheila (Izzy) Harrington. Izzy spent the last three years researching and gaining material for her book on land conservancies in the Gulf Islands called “Voices for the Islands”. LINC will sponsor a book launch and reading at the JFC on July 21st. More information will be forthcoming.


“In these troubling times of climate change and biodiversity loss, Harrington’s book is an uplifting testament to how individuals and communities working together to protect what they cherish can make an incalculable difference.”
-Sarah Cox, author of Signs of Life and Breaching the Peace


To purchase Izzy’s book, we encourage you to use this Indie Bookstore shop link: 


This connects with local bookstores across Canada to find the nearest store with stock.

- James and Ken on behalf of LINC

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