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As we turn the corner out of darkness into light, it’s good to remember there are little pockets of radiance, like Xwe’etay/Lasqueti Island, keeping hope alive for all our relations.

The sustained support of Lasquetians for nature protection and the thirst for knowledge of the island’s flora and fauna compels those of us at LINC to keep moving forward. This year’s fundraising campaign was a big success, exceeding even our highest hopes.

Our goal this year was to raise $10,000. As of today, $11,395.27 has been donated. Thank-you so much to everyone who donated this year. Your encouragement is inspiring.

This year’s outpouring of support means more workshops, field trips, a book launch, hopefully a film festival, trail building, learning about beaver management, some Spurge Purging and maybe even a few surprise events. LINC also is working to raise its profile on social media and magnify the benefits of our events. Please check out our new YouTube channel for a taste of what’s possible. The talented efforts of Morgan Maher will take you on a vicarious hike to Salish View on a sunny fall day or help you experience the Fungus Fest.

One of the reminders from the last year was to  get out and enjoy our natural areas. During our time in the Kwel Nature Reserve, it was interesting to learn it was a first visit for a number of us present. Unlike some of our publicly-owned lands, Kwel is hiding in plain sight, right off Main and Tucker Bay roads. While Kwel has no formal trails, the forest is open and easily navigated. Head up hill and you will be rewarded with views north over the Sabine Channel towards Texada. Kwel is a relatively small area (21.6  hectares), so not really much of an adventure; it is more of a walking meditation or “forest bathing” experience. Familiarize yourself with Lasqueti’s first nature reserve and add another check to your quality-of-life list.  We acknowledge a donation from Amelia Humphries to the Islands Trust in 1997. - Thank-you!

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