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Image by Natalia Y.

Book Review

by Susan Ashcroft

Super-Earth Mother: The AI that Engineered a Brave New World. By Guy Immega.  EDGE Science
Fiction & Fantasy Publishing, 2023.


Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the human race, this is an intriguing read. There's just enough scientific description to make it authentic without overwhelming those of us who have a vague understanding of all the complexities. This epic journey begins in the year 2053 on a moon outpost colony then travels another 20,000 years into the future to a planet with earth-like characteristics yet dangerously challenging to DNA adapted humans. Guy Immega conjures a world full of imagination but rooted in the plausible evolution of exoplanets. This is not just science fiction, set in a forbidding alien environment, but also a story about fundamental human nature, both natural and AI driven.


The author’s name may be familiar. Retired aeronautics engineer, Guy has owned property on Lasqueti since the early 1970s. He was one of many who worked to thwart BC Hydro’s attempt to run the Cheekye Dunsmuir line across the island from 1977 to 1979. Read more about this amazing undertaking in Accidental Eden by Douglas L. Hamilton and Darlene Olesko (Caitlin Press, 2014). Doug authored the chapter “Kilowattus Interruptus” pages 76-82.


Guy and his wife Gayle continue to visit Lasqueti on a regular basis and are generous community supporters. If you have a proclivity toward Science Fiction or are Sci Fi curious, check this out.  


- Sue Ashcroft

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