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Image by Aaron Burden

False Bay Provisions Book Store

Another amazing year!

It has been one of our best years for False Bay Provisions Bookstore, which serves to stock the False Bay School Library. From 2023 to 2024 we've collected $1,017.25. Special thanks to Joy who purchased the final book that brought us past $1,000. We’re extremely excited about next year! Those of you who have recently purchased books, perhaps for Christmas, or simply want to clear the clutter from your own library, please think about donating them to this cause.   


We are looking for books on flora, fauna, about Canada or BC, titles focusing on the Gulf Islands or the West Coast, travel books, historical fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. Ideally, the books should be in good condition with minimal wear or new. 


A word on the value of supporting improved access literacy on Lasqueti: growing up on the island it can be challenging to have enough resources to keep up with students who have the advantages of living in the city, and who live closer to libraries and bookstores. While computers and phones are used for these purposes more and more, it is great to support focusing on one book at a time when it comes to learning.


Vist us to browse the current offerings. By giving the new generation of youth here more chances and choices of what to read we can broaden their future reading and writing skills, employment, education. and future. Thanks to everyone who participates in this project. You are all wonderful and hugely appreciated!



Sincerely, the volunteers from the False Bay Provisions Bookstore

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