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We are excited to receive submissions.  As you can see from this first edition, we’re hoping to represent the diverse creativity and wisdom within our community. Written and graphical submissions to the newsletter can be made to  Please try and keep text to 400 words or less.

The printed version sent to resident's mailboxes on Lasqueti and this online version is funded by donations received from the community. The cost to produce/publish the newsletter (paper version) is $350 per month + $20 per month for the online version. Please consider making a small donation to cover these costs.. To donate, email


The Yew Collective

Anna Dodds, Karen Gates, Dana Lepofsky, Dianna Maycock, Jenny Vester, and Wendy Wickwire

Questions or comments?

Please fill in the form below. We will get back to shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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