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Guide to Local Governments and Societies of Lasqueti

To help newcomers and long-timers alike, Xwe’etay News has compiled a list of the island's governing bodies and societies. For more information on some:


Local governments and related:


qathet Regional District (qRD) provides local government services to Lasqueti (other than land-use planning), including waste management, fire department, emergency preparedness, barge ramp, regional parks, grants-in-aid, membership in the Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL), and support for the LCA and LLRS. Lasqueti is its own "Electoral Area" (Area 'E') with a regional director representative elected each 4 years by Lasqueti voters


The Islands Trust with local representation by the Local Trust Committee (LTC), makes land use decisions, including zoning and lot size


Advisory Planning Commission (APC) is an advisory committee with appointments made by the LTC; it makes recommendations to the LTC based on referrals 


Lasqueti Island Volunteer Fire Department (LIVFD) provides emergency response services across all of Lasqueti Island; providing exterior fire response operations, emergency medical first responder services, general rescue and hazardous materials awareness level only



Lasqueti Community Association (LCA) runs the hall and is the umbrella organization for various local committees (see LCA column for complete list). Contact:

Lasqueti Island Ratepayers Association (LIRA) was formed to represent the interests of property owners on Lasqueti Island. When an issue affecting Lasqueti arises, LIRA provides the platform to give ratepayers a voice in the discussion. 

Lasqueti Internet Access Society (LIAS) was formed to develop and promote the shared use of computers and other technology by the residents of Lasqueti Island for personal and economic development. LIAS operates a small internet service provider (ISP), wireless hotspots, and provides the equipment on which and the Lasqueti email list ( operate.

Lasqueti Last Resort Society (LLRS) is a registered non-profit that operates the Judith Fisher Centre – a multi-use community gathering place, Lasqueti’s healthcare facility, and a set of elder cottages. Learn more at

Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy (LINC) conserves nature on Lasqueti Island and surrounding islands and waters through education, stewardship, restoration and long-term protection of areas of ecological and cultural significance.  For more info visit

Lasqueti Arts Council (LAC) a) supports, nurture, develop, and encourage the arts and cultural activities on LI; b) fosters interest and pride in the cultural and artistic heritage, and future, of the community on LI; c) helps coordinate and assist in the work of artistic and cultural groups on LI; d) helps coordinate and assist in the development of cultural and artistic activities on LI; e) brings to the attention of all levels of government, the cultural and artistic needs of the LI community.

Lasqueti Yacht Club is a community organization formed to represent the interests of the Lasqueti Island's boating community.  The Club wants to promote, encourage and foster all forms of water activities - be it power, sail, or human powered. We do this in a manner that promotes safety and competent seamanship.  We also embrace an inclusive social aspect that has many fun and informative events for our members. for more information.

MOCHA (My Oceanside Chocolate Home Association) is a person-oriented society to help with care for Latisha.


Pete’s Lake Water User Society exists to develop and maintain the water distribution system and supply gravity fed water to its membership without the purpose of gain, and to encourage the conservation and good management of the resource. 

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