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Unbelievably, this month’s issue marks the half year mark for Xwe’etay News.  We continue to have fun collating the island’s happenings and are so impressed by the diversity and quality of the submissions. We love being a collective, with each of us doing a part each month: from keeping up with the accounts and the mid-month reminders, to editing and collating the issue and sending off to Dianna to produce the on-line version. Then there’s picking up the print job in Parksville, folding, and delivery to the PO – all of which often falls to honorary collective member Mark B. And, of course, we couldn’t do it without our posties, who deliver a paper version to every island mailbox.


If you want to donate to the newsletter, contact us. We accept cash, cheques, and e-transfers.     Check the back page of the newsletter for submission deadlines. They vary each month.


Anna Dodds, Karen Gates, Dana Lepofsky, Dianna Maycock, Jenny Vester, and Wendy Wickwire – aka The Yew Collective; 


Articles, Happenings, Musings and more!

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