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A Note from your Editors:


It’s a pure delight to see people reading our newsletter in various venues, and to have people come up to us with ideas for new submissions.  Keep the ideas coming!

We continue to try to figure out how many newsletters to print. We know that some people do not want a print version, but in the words of one of our nearest and dearests, “I was too lazy to respond to the email!” 


So, we propose this: When you are done reading the newsletter you’ve received in the mail, especially if it’s in the first couple weeks of the month, please bring that copy to Provisions, the pub, the ferry, or put in the PO letter slot. This seems like an easy way to distribute the newsletter to others who want a paper copy, but for some reason did not get one. Also, some folks have asked to see prior month versions of some of the columns so we have posted .pdf versions of all of the issues.


Happy reading!  - the Yew Collective 


Articles, Happenings, Musings and more!

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