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Welcome to Xwe’etay News

We are honoured to be the new editorial team for our island’s newsletter and are excited to create a forum representing our community’s thoughts, dreams, and goings-on. Thank you for the widespread community support in the form of ideas, funds, hugs, and submissions. 

The newsletter, its logo, and our collective’s name incorporate the Coast Salish name for our island: Xwe’etay (pronounced hua-ya-tay), meaning yew tree.  (Listen to Dr. Elsie Paul of Tla’amin Nation pronounce it:  This comes from the Coast Salish narrative that the island was originally a yew tree  According to Laurence Fisher, there used to be many yews here.  Notably, all Coast Salish Nations share this name for the island – reflecting the central place of the island in past social relations in the Salish Sea. 


Thank you, Julia Woldmo for the design of the nameplate!


Many thanks to Dianna Maycock for her years of service producing the Lasqueti Island Local and for guiding us through the transition.  Did you know that Dianna designed most of the ads and graphics?  Dianna has graciously agreed to continue to produce an on-line version of the newsletter.

Many people told us they want to read their community newsletter in print (even those folks who spend much of their time on-line); a few people, however, do not want the newsletter delivered to their mailbox.  Unfortunately, since this is a community mailout we must deliver to all households. Given the huge cost of printing in colour, Xwe’etay News will come to you in black and white.  We will print a select number of images in grey scales and more in colour on-line.


To print in black and white on the other side will cost $350/month (for a 16-page newsletter). Some of the printing is being generously funded by monthly support from two anonymous printing angels, one-time donations from several individuals, and the local businesses who advertise in the newsletter.  Thank you all!  However, we need more donations to cover our monthly costs. A 400-word article costs $20 to print.  Contact us at 

We are excited to receive submissions.  As you can see from this first edition, we’re hoping to represent the diverse creativity and wisdom within our community. Written and graphical submissions to the newsletter can be made to  Please try and keep text to 400 words or less.


The Yew Collective

Anna Dodds, Karen Gates, Dana Lepofsky, Dianna Maycock, Jenny Vester, and Wendy Wickwire

Articles, Happenings, Musings and more!

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